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Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology
and Pain Management

Low Back Pain & Neck Pain

The spine is a very complicated body part, involving both neurological and mechanical components. Statistically, every adult in America may have back pain at some point in his or her life, and is still one of the most common reasons to visit the doctor.

At the offices of Dr. Nolan Tzou we are able to treat a variety of conditions associated with low back and neck pain including herniated discs, sciatica, neck and lumbar strain or sprain, post laminectomy pain, chronic back pain, lumbar radiculopathy, cervical radiculopathy, facet syndrome, facet arthritis, spinal stenosis, compression fracture, post operative pain, and pain associated with disc replacement.

Our offices are up to date in the most advanced treatments such as epidural steroid injections, flouroscopic guided selective nerve root blocks, facet blocks, facet rhizotomy, epidural endoscopy, spinal cord stimulation, and intrathecal pump placement.